Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quotes from The Ghost Hunter

From The Ghost Hunter
By: Lori Brighton
Published: Smashwords
E-Book 194 pages
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Today I thought I would try something a bit different.
This book was soo good.  
Yes, I finished it!

But instead of reviewing it today... That will come next week *wink*.
I'm going to provide with a handful of most amazing quotes.
Lori Brighton filled up a couple of pages in my trusty notebook.
It has been awhile since that has happened.
Today I will share my quote Treasures :)

It is only fair to start off with the First Line:
Considering the place was at least three hundred years old, she supposed it could have been worse.

How she wanted to take those damn golden curls and wrap them around her scrawny neck.

Hell, who was she kidding; not even Franksenstein would feel at home in this pub of horrors.

She was so tired of these odd replies that only brought up more questions.  It was like having a conversation with the Mad Hatter.

Ghosts, Witches, & Poltergeists? Oh my.

Death by high heels, how embarassing would that have been?

Cristian closed his eyes as he resisted the urge to turn, to step closer to her like a druggie looking for a fix.  His drug of choice?  Woman.

"Death to all," a voice growled.  "Well, that's just rude," she muttered, searching for the beast responsible, or at least some sort of weapon.

My favorite Quote:

Well, are you going to tell me or just sit there brooding like some romance novel hero?

Ok... I did not provide you with all of the quotes I wrote down but here is a fair amount of awesomness in Lori Brighton's form of goodness.

Thanks for Stopping by today!!
Literary Day Dreams

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