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Book Hop Right on Over :)

Book Blogger Hop

Welcome all bloggers to the book blogger hop!  Sorry we are so behind in getting this post up, blame it on lack of computer time, 2 children and a crazy life that never gives.  *smiles*

Okay, so this weeks question is:

How do you spread the word about your blog?

GoodReads, Blog Hopping, and making sure we feed other blogs our snarky sexy comments.

Plus, people tend to make their way over here with promises of seduction because we flash our frilly red knickers all over the blog-O-sphere. 


We give out the allure of having many fictional boyfriends stashed over here.
Oh yes, Man Flesh on a stick is littered all over my bathhouse.  
But... You will have to get your own male harem.  

TRUST US, it is so worth it!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sexy Monday. Wicked Stats.

Monday is Here!! What is so special Monday? Monday is the dayPhotobucket will share a fun sexy photo with all of our stunning followers. Plus we will let you know what is being read and by who?
Because I am sure that everyone is dying to see what is on our shelves. With the added perk of incredible anticipation for some risque reviews.

However, this week we have something special.

Speak Loudly!

This week there has been a huge outcry over a article claiming three beloved books to be filth.
Jen and I were disturbed over this abomination!

Yes, Deeply Disturbed!

We have put together a most wonderful post for our followers.

We also got together and decided that we were going to read one of the three
books that Scroggins called Filth!

We decided to read Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.

PhotobucketPersonally, for me I really wanted to read Speak. I just had to find out what would make this guy consider a rape scene to be soft porn. I also want to mention... that I feel that if you think rape is porn then Fairy thinks there is something wrong with you in more ways then one. But please get your head checked first.

PhotobucketI don't like ANYONE telling me what I can and can't read. For that matter, someone dictating the same for my children. I am perfectly capable of making those decisions and I don't need anyone bringing up a lack of morals or spirituality as their defense to such. So, I bought Speak for me, because any book helping young people with rape should never be pushed aside!

Jen the Bibliophile
Wickedly Great & Finished: 

Scrumptiously Devoured:

Have you read Speak?

Take a moment to tell us what you felt after you first read this book.


  1. Would you consider the rape scene to be pornographic?
  2. What was your favorite part of Speak?
  3. How did the book make you feel afterward?

After a few days we will post our responses
Post a duo review for


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Speak Loudly. SPEAK LOUDLY!

Banned Book week is shortly upon us, September 25 - October 2. We love this time of the year because this is when the readers get to speak out against the people who would like to take the right away from us to read any book we may choose. The first amendment of the Bill of Rights gives us the right - no the freedom - to do so. Black Disaster Fairy was lucky enough to venture over to the National Archives to see the Bill of Rights in all its preserved glory. It is just mind blowing how powerful a piece of parchment can be - a piece of parchment with a voice of its own.

On the current circuit of banning books is an article written by a Mr. Scroggins that has the book blogging community in an uproar causing everyone to SPEAK up! We are so proud of the blog community! It seems as everyone has gotten together to take our thoughts and stand up for what we believe in. As well as, those authors who would write and create books for those situations of discomfort.

Here is a link to the article that has created such a huge response:

PhotobucketScroggins has spoken out against one of my favorite books of this year, Twenty Boy Summer. This has deeply upset me. Along with this one, two other books that are definitely on my never ending to be read list. He is trying to get Speak banned, saying that the two rape scenes are considered soft porn. Really, if you are reading rape scenes and getting a bit turned on I think you just may have a problem you need to address. Sexual violence is not the same thing as porn!

PhotobucketYes! And I wonder if the man has even read Speak. Just because of his atrocious article I bought the book and read it. The rape scene is barely described, as in it basically says it happens. Plus the tone of the book during all of the scenes that Scroggins is so dismayed about is almost sarcastic and regretful. Like what Melinda (the main character) thought about life before the rape is all just a joke to her now. When you read the words, you can feel their meaning, and that meaning is not that drinking and sex are what life are all about. So, Scroggins should get off his self-important duff and actually read this book. A book that is about teaching people to speak up. SPEAK UP!

~ Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

~ Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

~ Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

Laurie Halse Anderson's rebutle article:

This Guy thinks SPEAK is Pornography

"We" believe that it is not good to shelter your children from an issue as important as this. Rape and molestation should not be looked at as soft porn. It truly is dirty and degrading but unfortunately it is apart of life. It happens! To me, you, adults, children. Anyone. To be powerless, to feel powerless and to have no where to turn has to be the worst experience. To be afraid and alone, exposed. Banning books on this issue does not help or detour from the possibilities of such horrendous events. By banning books that write about these tough dark happenings... how could you not feel like you are supporting the issue by hiding it? We need to be aware, our children need to be aware. Do not take that freedom away from them!

However, we as parents... yes both of us are parents, need to be responsible as well. Parents should feel inclined to be apart of their child's life. We are charged with providing them with strong values and teaching them about life, especially the rights and wrongs. Censorship is not teaching them about rights and wrongs or providing them with a strong value to live by. Censorship covers up an issue and brushes it under the table. What!! Why would anyone want to do that? It is just outrageous! I feel like banging my head on a brick wall.

It's so true. There are so many issues now a days that are being swept under the rug and that is so often why teens feel that they cannot say anything. Like it's a taboo subject to bring up their molestation or rape. This topic hits close to home for me. I have a younger sister who was molested by some kid in her school and she almost didn't say anything! She almost let it all go by and sit and fester. If it had not been for a school nurse who was really close to the students who had the ability to coax it out of her she would have dealt with it on her own. There are so many REAL issues that need to be addressed and tackled in grade schools that never would if it weren't for books like SPEAK and Twenty Boy Summer.

I love taboo subjects. It is a whole new ballgame when you talk about something that shouldn't be talked about. Pushing the unwritten line of comfort. People, we are unique in the fact that we can can think and have emotions, even in the way our brain presents certain issues as taboo. Why does a thing or event have to be classified in such a unnatural way? You said it, Jen! This schmuck should get of his duff and read the book. Banning such a book is just another way taboo exerts its power over us. I'm using a Harry Potter comparison because most people have see the movie/s or read the book/s. For example, Voldermort. Fear in a name creates fear in the thing itself. We sure do that! Stop sweeping important issues under the proverbial rug and talk to your children. If the kids of today were taught what to expect out in the world, good and bad, they will be equipped with the power they need.

Excellent points BDFairy! Just because of this Scroggins article, I WILL be reading 20 Boy Summer. Dealing with grief is no easy feat even as an adult, let alone a teenager with all consuming hormones and indecision that comes with that age. There is so much heartache and devastation in life and for me personally, I don't know what I would do without books. There have been so many books that have shown me how I have the option to deal with things and have helped me through hard times. What about you BDFairy?

Oh, one should mention that as soon as someone cries out you can't do that or read that I am there. Along with so many people of society. I had to find out more about what this huge outcry was about. I rushed to my Nook and ordered Speak just because someone said NO! Well, that and I have to find out why this guy would consider the rape scenes in this book to be soft porn. Curiosity will kill the Fairy!!

So, far the book is amazing and I passed on the "You Must Read This" message to many of my bookish friends at school. The outcry and united literary community is just pure amazingness! (Ok, it is not a word but it should be!)

In parting I guess I'd like to say this: To all you people out there who think that teenagers can't deal with these books, you are wrong! They deal with more than this kind of thing on a daily basis. Wonderful authors like Laurie Halse Anderson and Sarah Ockler have the amazing grace to send books our way that help through these times. They help us to know what to do in tough situations, who we can turn to. Because in an alternate reality, yeah, the world we live on would be perfect and teenagers wouldn't be having sex and drinking and doing some unspeakable things, but WE DON'T! We live in a world of chaos that needs some kind of control, some kind of guide through the mess we call life. Anderson - who also gave us Wintergirls for helping with eating disorders - and Ockler aren't the only ones either, some others are Julie Ann Peters who gave us By the Time You Read This I'll be Dead (bullying and suicide) and Jandy Nelson who gave us The Sky is Everywhere (death and grief).

So, don't tell me what I can and can't read and don't try to tell me what my children can and can't read. That's right, I have children of my own and I will decide what is appropriate for them. Not You. Not some elitist fascist who thinks he has the right to dictate his beliefs upon others.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Book Blogger Hop (September 24-26)

Book Blogger Hop

Welcome all bloggers to the book blogger hop! Sorry we are so behind in getting this post up, blame it on lack of computer time, 2 children and a crazy life that never gives. *smiles*

Okay, so this weeks question is:

When you write reviews, do you write them as you are reading or wait until you have read the entire book?

PhotobucketFor me, I definitely wait until I finish the book. Besides the obvious reason that I do not have the time with 2 kids hanging off me to write a review in the middle of a book, there is the other reason. That reason is that my feelings could totally change by the end of the book. I definitely feel that I need the whole book to discover if an author is a good author and has the ability to make me fall for their characters. It's one of the reasons I try to finish books I read, because I may end up really liking a book that I originally did not.

PhotobucketI can tell you that I most defiantly wait to write and rant about a book until I have finished every last word. The beginning of the book might stink and the ending will redeem the book to be an okay... pretty good read. Or the book can have an amazing beginning and then have the crappiest of crap endings.

Let's sum it up:

Oh me...oh my...oh goodness...I wait until the entire book is read.

Looks like me and Black Disaster Fairy have similar opinions on the matter which makes it even more likely that we are twins from different mothers. So, that being said we'd like to welcome all new bloggers to our blog and happy hopping!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Wicked (Sexy) Monday Stats

Monday, September 20th 2010

(Okay, so I've been a little intrigued as of late with body art. It's just so....amazing)
Monday is Here!! What is so special Monday? Monday is the day Photobucket will share a fun sexy photo with all of our stunning followers. Plus we will let you know what is being read and by who?
Because I am sure that everyone is dying to see what is on our shelves. With the added perk of incredible anticipation for some risque reviews.

Now I feel dirty. But in a most delightful way ;)
Sexy and simple. We will let you know what we have read, are reading, and will probably be reading next. If we have completed a sexy review we will handcuff you, provide the link, and let you enjoy the Wicked fun banter about said steamy book!

Jen the Bibliophile
Wickedly Great & Finished:
Succubus Dreams (Georgina Kincaid No.3)
By Richelle Mead

Steamy Fun & Reading: Succubus Heat (Georgina Kincaid No.4)
By Richelle Mead
Tied Down and Waiting: River Marked (Mercy Thompson No.6)
By Patricia Briggs

Scrumptiously Devoured:
Where the Pavement Ends: Five Native American Plays
By William Yellow Robe JR

Delectable Words:
Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins
By Gail Carriger
Girls on Top: Explicit Erotica for Women By Violet Blue

Exquisitely Lingering:
One Foot in the Grave By Jeaniene Frost

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mona Lisa Awakening By Sunny - Book Review

Publisher: Berkley Trade, 2006
Pages: 288, Paperback
Read: November 2009
Genre: Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Adult Romance

First Line:
Sickness and death was in the air - women crying, men cursing, unwashed bodies.

Just to be clear... the synopsis on the back of the book really does not do this amazing Dark Erotic Paranormal Romance justice!

Lisa grew up in a New York City orphanage. She is a lonely si
ngle nurse who has some unique qualities to her. Lisa just has not been able to create a connection with any man she has come across. She thought they were all failed relationships. When she meets the hot yummy Gryphon in the hospital she is automatically pulled to him. I mean, whew, who would not be drawn to that piece of male flesh. Exquisite! Soon, he helps her realize that she is apart of a world she would never have dreamed about. However, Lisa does seem to accept her new heritage rather easily. If I was told that I was from an ancient race from the moon I might sputter and hit the brakes for a moment. This small problem is just that, small and inconsequential.

I must say that this author packs a punch in such a tiny package! Shifters, vampires, and demons. Hot sex, explicit scenes, sexual violence, a
nd did I mention some Smoking Hot Sex? Oh my! In a great Goodness way! *Licks Lips* Shapeshifter Gryphon and his skills will have you drooling from the moment you lay eyes on his description. *Majorly drooling* I would so take a huge bite out of this guy! Don't forget about all of the other men, just scrumptious. I should also mention that there is some sexual violence to be found.

Lisa does discover that she is a Monere Queen, the first ever mixed blood Queen, now dubbed Mona Lisa. (All queens take the title of Mona.) Mo
na Lisa is to take over the New Orleans territory. As she learns about the area, the heritage of the children of the moon, and the people under her we learn with her. It is so nice to be distributed information as you go instead of at once. She does find herself in many unlikely situations. Other Queens would like to get rid of her, I mean would love to get rid of her! The plot twists were many and fantastic at the same time.

The part that I am sure hooked many of readers
is when she finds out that offering her self to the men that protect her will heal them. Yup, she has a magical healing power that she passes to others through sex. The Magic Healing Box, if you will ;)

Sunny's writing style is something I have never enco
unter before. She is able to start painting a picture and allow you to fill it in with your own details. Sunny allows you to create a world of wonder in a way that does not require so many words. It is almost lyrical.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Glass Houses Cover War & Review

US ........................... UK ............................ Germany

Thailand ................................. Brazil

Book: Glass Houses

Author: Rachel Caine
Publisher: October 3rd 2006 by NAL Jam
Pages: 248
Genre: Young Adult, Horror, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

This book was a wonderful opening to a series that has you checking your locks and making sure that you have your bustled derriere in the house before the sun sets. Even under these circumstance, you can still enjoy a scrumptious piece of cheesecake. *Yum* Or a sexy beefcake or two in this most enticing book.

I can just picture Jen tossing me some of those glances that say skip straight to the silky Shane who begs to have some hands laid on him. It was a oh so gratifying night of reading when images of Shane dance through your head.

Oh me oh my, I would like a piece of the Shane pie! Oh yeah...I just said that! I love the fact that Shane is an adult in the book, I believe he is 19... makes me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy inside. *grins maliciously*. Shane is our sexy ball of muscle who can sort out the nasty vampires and keep them away from his lovely woman. I always love a guy with with a snarky attitude and a rock hard bod to boot. *purr's* Come here my strong, sexy man, lets see what is in store in Morganville next!

Onward, to some well prepared details of Glass Houses. Claire is a sixteen year old student who is attending a small college in Morganville, Texas. She is a smart cookie who is clueless about the vampire ran town. You either live under the protection of a vampire or you live in fear.

Claire becomes the new punching bag for the campus self proclaimed Queen. Instead of staying on campus to take in an onslaught of beatings she desperately searches for off campus housing she can afford. Claire decides to check out a particular place that she found in an ad. Standing on the sidewalk, Eve talked or manipulated her into coming inside to meet the others that she lives with.

Michael Glass, owner of the Glass House is a mysterious young man who spends his life during the night hours rocking out and playing video games, meanwhile he sleeps his days away. Men who can play drums or a guitar can make my toes curl. What a talent!?! *Pets Michael* You shall become one of our minions one day! Mwah ha ha! Before Jen comes back, lets get back on track, shall we? I should mention that the house has special gifts, however, I simply cannot tell you more. Ruining a book for another bibliophile is never a good thing.

No, it's not, so we won't tell you what the house can do. You should, of course, read the book to find out! However, we will say this, it's quite interesting. Still though, maybe not as interesting as the odd turn of events that go on with Michael. Something of which we also won't be specific on. Too much goodness there as well. And what about Eve? Oh, she is one of my favorite characters. With her snaz and gothic style, I just love her bitchy illicitly cruel remarks towards the douches around her. That is correct, I said douches.*love that word* *grins* What do you think BDFairy?

I think Eve dug around in my too amazing closet. Yesterday, I was rock'n the tights with skulls and knee high black boots. I love to turn heads!

Now we get to the gruesome dirty job of picking out which book cover art we swoon over. There are 5 amazing options... my heart suffers. How ever will we be able to pick out just one?

Choices, choices. However, I think the Brazil book cover art speaks to me. I love just how completely eerie and Gothic the cover is looking. Also, the girl manages to look hot without seeing her face & I get to keep my own images.

And for me...I'm going to go with the Thailand cover. Normally I prefer covers that do NOT have the full face showing so I can get a better image in my head, but alas, her eyes call to me. It gives it that creepy mysterious feel.

Let us know what you think of the book
& which is your favorite Cover Art!

Sexy Reading By:

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