Wicked. Ratings.

So, we've taken forever in coming up with our rating system, and I mean forever!  Ok perhaps that is a bit dramatic.  However, we are happy to have thought of a rating that fits us and our uniqueness.  With that being said, don't be surprised if it changes because we have a hard time making up our minds, but for now here it is.  *huge grins*

We will have 2 rating systems that will be joined together in each post.  The first will be our Wicked Heat Rating.  How hot is the book...aka...little kissing, hot steamy sex, mostly sex, etc...  (Oh, I'm all for the steamy sex!  *evil grins*)  The topmost word is our most Wickedly Hot rating and the lowest of course is the opposite.  The second will be our Sexy Feelings on the book and how we liked it.  The top, again, is going to be if we liked it the most.  The bottom will be... the rock bottom of books.  Of course, I'm sure you will not see many books hit our bottoms!

We think this rating system will be fun!

But if you come up with any words that you think we are missing,
please feel free to drop a sweet note!
Kisses & Happy Sexy Reading!

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