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Kiss of Darkness by Loribelle Hunt

Title: Kiss of Darkness
Author: Loribelle Hunt
Kindle Edition
Published: January 24th, 2011 by Carina Press
Read: January 10th, 2011
(Note: This book may not be appropriate for younger audiences as it contains many scenes of sensuality)
Synopsis: Winter, a hybrid, has spent her life at war. A group of humans who are part demon, the hybrids, along with the lupines and nightwalkers, have dedicated their lives to defeating demons and protecting humanity. Yet, despite their united cause, the three groups share an uneasy alliance.

When hybrid military compounds come under attack from demon insurgents, Winter has no choice but to turn to the lupines and nightwalkers for assistance. It's a partnership based on necessity and she has no intention of letting down her guard with either group.

Marcus, the nightwalker Lord, has other plans. The immediate attraction between him and Winter promises a passion he can't ignore. To claim her as his own, he'll not only have to fight the demons who seem hell-bent on destroying her, but her own misconceptions about him and the nightwalker race. It's a battle he refuses to lose. (from

This one was a hard one for me. Overall, I would say I enjoyed the book, but I had some things that upset me (frustrated me).

I found the concept for the book super interesting. I mean, binding one's soul with that of a demon's is pretty cool. I think that's why I picked it up in the first place, there aren't a lot of books I've read about hybrids and such. So it was fun in that respect. I did like Winter. She was stubborn and strong and could fight and keep up with the rest of them. I'm always about females who can push to the front of the lines and keep their place there.

The hardship I had with this book came in the form of one Nightwalker/vampire. Yeah, he was sexy and downright scintillating, but I have a super hard time with possession and those who must posses their loved ones. I have a hard time with possession because I've been there and it sucks. And although I get the need of vampires and werewolves to be possessive of their mates, this book seemed to bring it in a kind of crazy dose. Like Marcus, the sexy vampire, wanted her submissive and tamed. At first it sounded like he wanted to be able to give her orders and her immediately obey like a little puppy. That bothered me.

I simply cannot stand orders being given, no matter how much someone may love or care about you. It's just not cool, to say the least. I will say this though, in the end, I think Marcus realizes that he won't be able to completely reign her in and he seems okay with it. Winter seems to calm down herself and want to be reigned in a little bit. I didn't believe it as a whole because no one turns around that fast, but it was believable to an extent.

Overall, the book had good pacing and action and I enjoyed different plot points. The writing was good even if I didn't enjoy some of the character traits. But, I will say that I really do want to read the sequel because I would like to find out what happens to some of the other characters. And, the book was definitely action packed and a fun read with demon hunts, war lords, sparring with werewolves and some steamy scenes.

Rating: Photobucket

I received this book free of charge from Carina Press and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book.



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