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Kiss of Darkness by Loribelle Hunt

Title: Kiss of Darkness
Author: Loribelle Hunt
Kindle Edition
Published: January 24th, 2011 by Carina Press
Read: January 10th, 2011
(Note: This book may not be appropriate for younger audiences as it contains many scenes of sensuality)
Synopsis: Winter, a hybrid, has spent her life at war. A group of humans who are part demon, the hybrids, along with the lupines and nightwalkers, have dedicated their lives to defeating demons and protecting humanity. Yet, despite their united cause, the three groups share an uneasy alliance.

When hybrid military compounds come under attack from demon insurgents, Winter has no choice but to turn to the lupines and nightwalkers for assistance. It's a partnership based on necessity and she has no intention of letting down her guard with either group.

Marcus, the nightwalker Lord, has other plans. The immediate attraction between him and Winter promises a passion he can't ignore. To claim her as his own, he'll not only have to fight the demons who seem hell-bent on destroying her, but her own misconceptions about him and the nightwalker race. It's a battle he refuses to lose. (from

This one was a hard one for me. Overall, I would say I enjoyed the book, but I had some things that upset me (frustrated me).

I found the concept for the book super interesting. I mean, binding one's soul with that of a demon's is pretty cool. I think that's why I picked it up in the first place, there aren't a lot of books I've read about hybrids and such. So it was fun in that respect. I did like Winter. She was stubborn and strong and could fight and keep up with the rest of them. I'm always about females who can push to the front of the lines and keep their place there.

The hardship I had with this book came in the form of one Nightwalker/vampire. Yeah, he was sexy and downright scintillating, but I have a super hard time with possession and those who must posses their loved ones. I have a hard time with possession because I've been there and it sucks. And although I get the need of vampires and werewolves to be possessive of their mates, this book seemed to bring it in a kind of crazy dose. Like Marcus, the sexy vampire, wanted her submissive and tamed. At first it sounded like he wanted to be able to give her orders and her immediately obey like a little puppy. That bothered me.

I simply cannot stand orders being given, no matter how much someone may love or care about you. It's just not cool, to say the least. I will say this though, in the end, I think Marcus realizes that he won't be able to completely reign her in and he seems okay with it. Winter seems to calm down herself and want to be reigned in a little bit. I didn't believe it as a whole because no one turns around that fast, but it was believable to an extent.

Overall, the book had good pacing and action and I enjoyed different plot points. The writing was good even if I didn't enjoy some of the character traits. But, I will say that I really do want to read the sequel because I would like to find out what happens to some of the other characters. And, the book was definitely action packed and a fun read with demon hunts, war lords, sparring with werewolves and some steamy scenes.

Rating: Photobucket

I received this book free of charge from Carina Press and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book.


Monday, January 10, 2011

~Story Story Fun~

Erotic Tales: Ride A Cock Horse

By: Severin Rossetti
Published @
eBook - 10 Pages - 2,913 Words
Tags: Erotica Short Story, Domination, Bondage, Toys

*This short story has content that is most likely NOT be suitable for younger readers.*

The beginning was a bit slow for me. There wasn't anything that pulled me into the story but with only 10 pages I didn't think I would gain a wrinkle over lost time. However, I was hooked when lovely Lord Ashton asked the haughty upper classCharlotte to get on his wooden horse. Yes, a wooden rocking horse of all things! From there the story... exploded. Literally exploded in a oddly unquie way!

Great few minutes of inky goodness! & no wrinkles!

Portrait of Bittersweet 

By: Severin Rossetti
Published @
eBook - 6 Pages - 1,971 Words
Tags: Erotica Short Story, Submission, BDSM, Masturbation
*This short story has content that is most likely NOT be suitable for younger readers.*

Oh, I really liked this one! Too good not to read again another day & another & another. *grin*

The whole concept of fallen into a painting was just too wonderful. I've spent a far amount of times at art museums in Washington DC and New York City and I can say even I have thought about falling into a painting or sitting where the artist was once standing. I started to drift into my own thoughts on this concept and had to pull myself back to finish this wonderful story.

Our lovely man candy was lusting after the woman in the portrait then he was soon in it. However, he didn't eactly get what he desired. LOL! This poor man will have to wait to fall in another day to be able to touch her with out being punished!

I wanted more but hopefully he will fall back into the painting once more ;)

Sexy Rating:
Scorching Desire

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tempest's Legacy (Jane True No.3) by Nicole Peeler

Title: Tempest's Legacy (Jane True No.3)
Author: Nicole Peeler
Pages: 368
Published: January 1, 2011 by Orbit
ISBN: 9780316056601
Summary: After a peaceful hiatus at home in Rockabill, Jane True thinks that her worst problem is that she still throws like a girl - at least while throwing fireballs. Her peace of mind ends, however, when Anyan arrives one night with terrible news . . . news that will rock Jane's world to its very core.

After demanding to help investigate a series of gruesome attacks on females -- supernatural, halfling, and human -- Jane quickly finds herself forced to confront her darkest nightmares as well as her deepest desires.

And she's not sure which she finds more frightening. (from

I have three words for you all...Oh. My. Gosh. Yes, profound, I know, but this book was absolutely, positively freaking Amazing with a capital "A". All my dear readers, you know my love and complete unadulterated obsession with my dearest Jane True. As you also know that includes her wonderful consorts *clears throat*....namely a sexy hell hound...and if you don't, then you should. (Or you can remind yourself by checking out my review of book one HERE and book two HERE) Because I'm telling you, there is nothing like the deliciousness of Jane True the half selkie!

Each book so far has had it's own beauty, it's own lovely developing version of the heroin, Jane True. In book one, we see her realize her worth, in book two, we see her realize she can take care of herself, and in book three....well...we see her realize her strengths. And, I don't think the fights between her libido and her virtue will ever get old. Maybe because I can relate. Especially while reading this book can I relate. Although, I think I side with her libido when I say, can I ride a motorcycle with the Barghest?!

Mmmmm, yummy, the smexy Anyan Barghest. I mean, I currently feel like licking my lips over an over just at the thought of him. *grrrruff* Oh yeah, that is one hot piece of hell hound. Seriously, just sitting here in this chair, recalling the deliciousness of his keister. I think he is currently my favorite fictional boyfriend. I can hear my libido and virtue now:

Libido: Come on Jen, just lick him a bit. A little bit down the abs, maybe he'll throw you against a wall...

Virtue: Jen, don't do it. Think, you're married and well....he exists in Kindle format only...

Damn my virtue!

On a more literary note though, I do think that Peeler has created brilliant characters and using her miraculous author skills, has developed them into a lovely cast of awesomeness. Plus, her plot content was absolutely amazing and pulled me right in to the craziness that is Jane True. I just love the way that Peeler can write the story like she does with all the uniqueness and beauty inserted and all the annoying kornyness kept out. She makes you feel like you are right there, in the action with all of the characters. Up close and personal and amazingly done.

This third book in the series, if you haven't figured it out yet, was absolutely marvelous and wonderful all contained in 368 pages of yumminess. And, with an absolutely friggin' amazing plot that will swerve and careen you into a world of fantasy that you will never want to leave what else can you do but pick up your very own copy. I mean, what could be better than furry brownies, science gone awry, mage balls run amuck and the sexiest damn man/hell hound alive, you just can't go wrong.

Rating: Photobucket

...He'd let my sleeping body know he was there to protect me, and my sleeping brain had thanked him by making him the star of one of the most explicit erotic dreams I'd ever had. And I'm someone who dreams dirty.
"Everything 'pony' is better. Especially pony-style."(Trill the Kelpie)

I laid my head back down, squeezing my eyes shut. "ohmigod, are you talking about pony sex? 'Cause if you are, I think you may have ruined me for life."
I stood in front of my closet, completely at a loss. What do you pack for a vengeance quest? I didn't have time to rewatch my Tarantino, and from what I remembered, Uma's wardrobe wasn't going to work on me. Imagine yellow pleather on a girl who was half-seal rather than pure Viking. Notpretty.

...From there, our team would "bring the pain"...and hopefully rescue the hostages held inside the lab.

"I was with you right up until you said, 'Bring the pain.' I've only ever brought cookies, or the occasional casserole."

Anyan's big nose twitched. "Well, for your first time, you can just bring a minor irritant."

..."Nothing's going to happen, Jules. Can I call you Jules?"

"Only if I can slap you each and every time you do.".... (Jillian - a guy)

..."Did you take your sassy pills tonight, Jules?"

"Seriously, Jane. I will cut a bitch."

"Where did you even learn that expression? Have you been watching RuPaul's Drag Race again?"
I received this book free of charge from Orbit and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quotes from The Ghost Hunter

From The Ghost Hunter
By: Lori Brighton
Published: Smashwords
E-Book 194 pages
Save a Tree – Read an e-book Button
E-Book Love <3

Today I thought I would try something a bit different.
This book was soo good.  
Yes, I finished it!

But instead of reviewing it today... That will come next week *wink*.
I'm going to provide with a handful of most amazing quotes.
Lori Brighton filled up a couple of pages in my trusty notebook.
It has been awhile since that has happened.
Today I will share my quote Treasures :)

It is only fair to start off with the First Line:
Considering the place was at least three hundred years old, she supposed it could have been worse.

How she wanted to take those damn golden curls and wrap them around her scrawny neck.

Hell, who was she kidding; not even Franksenstein would feel at home in this pub of horrors.

She was so tired of these odd replies that only brought up more questions.  It was like having a conversation with the Mad Hatter.

Ghosts, Witches, & Poltergeists? Oh my.

Death by high heels, how embarassing would that have been?

Cristian closed his eyes as he resisted the urge to turn, to step closer to her like a druggie looking for a fix.  His drug of choice?  Woman.

"Death to all," a voice growled.  "Well, that's just rude," she muttered, searching for the beast responsible, or at least some sort of weapon.

My favorite Quote:

Well, are you going to tell me or just sit there brooding like some romance novel hero?

Ok... I did not provide you with all of the quotes I wrote down but here is a fair amount of awesomness in Lori Brighton's form of goodness.

Thanks for Stopping by today!!
Literary Day Dreams

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Y by Bonnie Rozanski - A Book Review

Title: Y
: Bonnie Rozanski
: 231 (e-book)
: August 29th, 2010
: November 21st, 2010
Synopsis: The year is 2011, the place, New York City. A mysterious microbe has begun to infect women of child-bearing age. Though the medical establishment writes it off as a simple flu, and the epidemic appears to be dying out, a young New York obstetrician confronts a conundrum. In the past year, the ratio of boys to girls born in her practice has declined precipitously. Dr. Deborah Kruger suspects the truth: that infected women are no longer able to give birth to male children. With the help of her husband Larry, a computer analyst, Deborah tracks the epicenter to New York City, from which the infection is already bursting forth. And, as years pass, despite hundreds of laboratories at work on it, the microbe continues to overrun borders and envelop the Earth. With Science unable to stop it, and the contagion rippling worldwide in an AIDS-like pandemic, how will society cope in an increasingly female world?(from
So this particular review will be a duet between me and the lovely Black Disaster Fairy. As you can see from the summary above, this is a science fiction novel of epic proportion. Because seriously, what could be more epic than the major loss of the male species. Yes, yes, I may complain about Hubby, but it would be terribly sad if they died
I mean, so much less to stare at *wink wink*

Luckily we do have authors who have a special knack for creating the most drool worthy fictional boyfriends for those of us who do not have a Hubby! LOL! However, it would be sad to lose the whole male species but I do quiet nicely without them. This book was amazing. It was like a science book on crack for me. I do love science and my wheels were turning around every problem that presented itself in the book. But I must say that the science aspect is broken down nicely so if you don't know anything about chromosomes or microbes then no worries!!

When I started this book, I really had no idea what to expect. I mean, yeah, I knew the background of the story, but I had never read anything by Bonnie Rozanski. And after the prologue, I was even more nervous. But, turns out that the first chapter starts off magnificently and the rest of the book lives up to it. The whole book was a lovely display of science in action and not only did it hold my attention, I kept thinking about it whenever I wasn't reading it. I mean, there was crazy ideas stuck in my head of cloning and the death of the male species and all sorts of other things, I even dreamed about it. (yeah, I may have issues).

My love Jen hits some very good points. I had no clue what this book was about. But I'm like that with most every book because if you know me I do not read the synopsis of a story before I decide to read. *gasps* Yeah I know, I do end up with some stinky ones.

The prologue was horrible. It made me want to turn off the e-book and knit! If it was a book I would of threw it a few times before starting chapter one. Even after finishing the book and rereading the prologue I still hated it!!

Take out the prologue the story was beautiful. It unfolded in the most wonderful way and the characters had this way of making the twists wrap and intertwine into beautiful circles. Sometimes you knew where the author was going and well, sometimes she shocked the Fairy right out of me.

Which brings us to our character portion of this review! This book follows several different families throughout the ordeal. My 2 favorite characters were Deborah and Larry who happen to also be husband and wife. Deborah is an OBGYN (for all those who don't know what that means, it's a woman's doctor) and Larry is a database analyst. Deborah was smart and strong and didn't give up on her ideas and Larry was like the ultimate genius who was also an awesome husband...even if he might have been stuck at his computer for days...*big grin* A little later on, we also have their son, Stephen.

Deborah was great, though that is my mothers name so no matter how she wrote her I pictured my mother through the whole book. Which surprisingly didn't turn me off but made me like her even more, especially with the idea that my mom knows anything about science. Yeah, right! Larry was great but he was too ideal of a man. Oh my!! I loved Sam... he was interesting and well he shocked the Fairy tremendously later on in the book. It was great to get that jolt of excitement. However, I cannot lie when I say he got what was coming to him or not.

Then there was Bill, what an a$$!! He is a man that will make you barf all over John the other a$$ of the book.

Agreed!!! Bill was so overly sexist, I wanted to murder him. John, the cheating slug, deserved to be kicked in the lower extremities. For me, there was also Victoria, John's spouse (*clears throat* X-Spouse) who was self-absorbed and vindictive, and in the end Willa. Although, Willa was a very complex character to me. I mean, I felt beyond bad for her and what she had to go through during her teen years (I think there was gagging involved on my part), but what happens at the end of the book had me up in arms. I'm not going to tell you, so if you want to know you'll read the book. *mwah ha ha ha*

Well, look at that you also do not approve of Bill and John! The Fairy is so not shocked about that. But what would be a book without characters we love and hate?? They work so well together making the story work in that crazy wonderful way.

I know exactly what you mean. What would a good book be without an exciting cast of the good, the bad and the ugly, a thrilling scientific plot of genes, cloning and the Y chromosome, a take over by woman everywhere in addition to crazy actresses, bombings and nature at it's best, you won't be disappointed with this book. So, all those who are looking for something that makes you think, pick up Bonnie Rozanski's "Y".

I loved this book so much! (minus that darn prologue). If you want to read about a world going to the female population and what happens to the people in it, the process of scientific research, & personal development then this book has it all. Really a Scientific Fiction novel smashed into a dystopian book makes the Fairy really happy.

She looked around her at the pulsing, coursing flow of people, and thought, it's like one giant bloodstream, all of us feeding the same organism, New York City. - pg 5

Anyway, figure out how many females the average male can reproduce with, - let's say 40 times... "40?" Steven repeated incredulously. - pg 214

Recommended for those who like: Adult Science Fiction, Gene Therapy, Genetics, Cloning, Futuristic Societies

We received this ebook free of charge from the author, Bonnie Rozanski, in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, affected our review or opinion of this book.

Wicked Joint Signature

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Giveaway!!! For the Love of Reading

Hello our dearest readers!!! Guess what!? This is Jen and I'm actually blogging from Albania where I am currently visiting for the next three weeks with Hubby and the kiddos. I dearly miss my Black Disaster Fairy, but we are keeping contact through email and if we get too desperate....the likes of Skype (what a wickedly awesome place - Skype).

Anyhoo---- I'm posting today about an e-book giveaway going on over at For the Love of Reading.

It's for some wonderful books for author H.P. Mallory.
So, click the link HERE and head on over to For The Love of Reading and sign up for this Wickedly Sexy book(s) giveaway!

To read a review of To Kill a Warlock, CLICK HERE

To read a review of Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble CLICK HERE

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Book Review: Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubb

Wednesday is finally here!  Happy Sexy Hump Day!

For those of those of you who would love to have a chance to be in a book.
HP Mallory is going to make that happen for one lucky winner.
If you are amazingly lucky you as a character will be in her next book, Toil & Trouble.
Release date in Jan. 2011.  
Not only will you be apart of this coming book but character will continue through the series!
Yes, the Fairy said that right!
The winner will be found in several books!  Fun!!!
More Perks!!
Yes, HP Mallory is that awesome!
You will also get the book before everyone else! 
Her other two books, in PAPERBACK
Click Here to Enter!

Wednesday is a great day!
Fire Burn & 
Cauldron Bubble

By: H.P. Mallory
Series:  Jolie Wilkins Series
Publisher:  Smashwords
Rating: 4.5
Book Art: Cute... 4
Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Adult

First Line:  It's not every day you see a ghost.


Jolie finds out that she simply is not what she thought she was.  How do you go from being a fortune teller to a person with the ability to see ghosts?  Ok, perhaps that would be fun for a little while.  I mean so many of us HUMANS want to be something other then what we are now.  Crazy.  But for Jolie things get a bit crazier, not only does she see ghosts but she is able to make the dead come back to life!  Wow!  Now those are some crazy super powers.  Someone needs to call Batman and tell him to hang up his cape.  Seriously, I love Batman!  Don't really do that.

Soon a tall dark handsome man comes to her psychic shop to sweep her off her feet hire her to help find out who killed the ghost.  Rand is a warlock who helps show Jolie that she is truly a witch, and boy, a powerful grandmommy of them to boot!  He also shows her that she can never go back to being a plain ol' human.  I mean who would want to?  Not I, said the Fairy!  However, Rand has this one rule that makes you grin because you know there will be some rule breaking somewhere, it is a paranormal romance after all!  Rand does not think that a boss should not mix business with pleasure with his employee.
Save a Tree – Read an e-book Button
Well, I'll be darn... let the rule breaking begin!  Ok, I will spare you from all of the lusting yummy hotness because I know you want to read that for yourself.  (Which I recommend you do!)  Another witch tries to claim Jolie for herself.  Which I did not see coming but was a great plot twist because our handsome stud, Rand, battle for his right to keep Jolie as an employee.  Wait!  He just wants to keep his employee?  There must be some magical labor laws.  Hmm... There is more!  He is also battling his growing feelings for Jolie.  *Ahh*  I told you there would be some rule breaking!

I did not have a problem getting into the book.  Although, I must admit that I was hoping for a bit more of a clean ending.  Perhaps, just more BANG!  Fear not! This is just the first in the series, we will learn more later on.  Even with the wanting more at the end, I was never bored throughout the book.  It was highly addictive.  Like the Dark Chocolate the Fairy Loves so much!  I hope HP Mallory keeps the wit and interesting characters coming.  This story was just as fun to read as her other book and would be just too hard to pick out which one I liked the most.  

I am now a fan!

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