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Mona Lisa Awakening By Sunny - Book Review

Publisher: Berkley Trade, 2006
Pages: 288, Paperback
Read: November 2009
Genre: Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Adult Romance

First Line:
Sickness and death was in the air - women crying, men cursing, unwashed bodies.

Just to be clear... the synopsis on the back of the book really does not do this amazing Dark Erotic Paranormal Romance justice!

Lisa grew up in a New York City orphanage. She is a lonely si
ngle nurse who has some unique qualities to her. Lisa just has not been able to create a connection with any man she has come across. She thought they were all failed relationships. When she meets the hot yummy Gryphon in the hospital she is automatically pulled to him. I mean, whew, who would not be drawn to that piece of male flesh. Exquisite! Soon, he helps her realize that she is apart of a world she would never have dreamed about. However, Lisa does seem to accept her new heritage rather easily. If I was told that I was from an ancient race from the moon I might sputter and hit the brakes for a moment. This small problem is just that, small and inconsequential.

I must say that this author packs a punch in such a tiny package! Shifters, vampires, and demons. Hot sex, explicit scenes, sexual violence, a
nd did I mention some Smoking Hot Sex? Oh my! In a great Goodness way! *Licks Lips* Shapeshifter Gryphon and his skills will have you drooling from the moment you lay eyes on his description. *Majorly drooling* I would so take a huge bite out of this guy! Don't forget about all of the other men, just scrumptious. I should also mention that there is some sexual violence to be found.

Lisa does discover that she is a Monere Queen, the first ever mixed blood Queen, now dubbed Mona Lisa. (All queens take the title of Mona.) Mo
na Lisa is to take over the New Orleans territory. As she learns about the area, the heritage of the children of the moon, and the people under her we learn with her. It is so nice to be distributed information as you go instead of at once. She does find herself in many unlikely situations. Other Queens would like to get rid of her, I mean would love to get rid of her! The plot twists were many and fantastic at the same time.

The part that I am sure hooked many of readers
is when she finds out that offering her self to the men that protect her will heal them. Yup, she has a magical healing power that she passes to others through sex. The Magic Healing Box, if you will ;)

Sunny's writing style is something I have never enco
unter before. She is able to start painting a picture and allow you to fill it in with your own details. Sunny allows you to create a world of wonder in a way that does not require so many words. It is almost lyrical.



  1. Hmmm I've never heard of this one before. I'm not sure it's the book for me, but it definitely sounds intriguing! Great review :)

  2. This book does it a lot of area that some readers might not particularly care for. But it is something great if you want to push the comfort range within the paranormal romance range.

    Black Disaster Fairy


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