Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Isabelle Lightwood - Chain & A Whip!

Our First

Chain Whip Welding

Book: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels
By: Cassandra Clare
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Modern Fantasy (Present Day)
Location: New York City

I think we are getting all steamy here on Photobucket I mean we have had some hot photos for our eyes to drink in of some chiseled male hotness. However, I am willing admitting this just in case someone thinks Jen is twisting my arm or whipping me. I do get excited over a fabulous female character. I mean they can knock you off your feet and make your jaw drop just as good as a sweaty romp. *Steals the last cookie on the plate* So, Jen how does a good sexy heroine make you feel?

Exactly so! I mean, what could be better than a strong female who can kick some ass in the process?! I've always been a very strong supporter of a powerful female character in general. I mean, who needs all that mopping when you can have, instead, power all wrapped up in a sexy female body. I've actually been pondering this wholeheartedly within the last year. I have yet to see how a woman who must be taken care of is somehow lovely. Yes, as a female, it's nice to have someone there just in case, but I'd prefer that somebody let me distribute the first blow instead of making me sit on the side lines. Isabelle Lightwood from Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments is just such a vigorous female character.

Isabelle Lightwood may not be the main female character in the Mortal Instruments series, but despite that fact, she turned me on from the first pages. I mean a young woman welding a chain whip to kill demons. I mean that is extremely hot! It doesn't take much to picture leather thigh high boots and a killer smile to real in her men! *Drooling* I already know I want a pair of her boots! Speaking of desires. Jen that corset is really becoming on you.

Why thank you! Oh, and I'm in agreement with you on those boots! I have a pair on order, they would have been perfect for today, but special orders do take longer you know. I wonder if we could find one of those demon murdering whips somewhere on special order as well. I'll have to keep a lookout.

Remember that very first scene where we get to see her with it? She is in the club Pandemonium going after that demon. I can see it in my head now, Photobucket
...She moved with lightning swiftness, striking out at him with her open hand, a blow to his chest that would have sent him down gasping if he'd been a human being. He staggered back, and now there was something in her hand, a coiling whip that glinted gold as she brought it down, curling around his ankles, jerking him off his feet. He hit the ground, writhing, the hated metal biting deep into his skin. She laughed, standing over him, and dizzily he though that he should have known. No human girl would wear a dress like the one Isabelle wore. She'd worn it to cover her skin--all of her skin.

Isabelle yanked hard on the whip, securing it. Her smile glittered like poisonous water. "He's all yours, boys."
You said it Isabelle!!

Oh, yes! Photobucket The first chapter scene is the one I was rolling around in my mind when I mentioned Isabelle turning me on. I mean how steamy is that paragraph!?! Clare's opening really stoked me up for the rest of the book.

I think we may have bantered on like a duo of hot young Contessa rulers. Honestly though, you do not have to take our word for it. But do make sure you have your lace fan ready so you can cool yourself off. Trust me Isabelle is not the only smoking character in this series. We will dare to touch on Bad Boy Jace another risque day.

We would like to bid you a good day. For it is time for us to go visit our harem, indeed it would be very impolite to be late.


Photo Picks:

Dakota Fanning

My oh my! Add a whip to these photos
Dang, she has Mouthwatering Hott written all over her!

Grown into her own woman!
I want that dress, hun!
Dear, how about I borrow both. Permanently.

Jen the Bibliophile
Photo Picks:

My idea for Isabelle is a little different than BDF's idea...
**Great minds even think differently every so often -- BDF**

(the first one is Anne Hathaway and the others are Jessica Stroup)
Anne Hathaway
To me, this is the spitting image of Isabelle. I could totally see her busting out her chain whip and creating havoc on a unsuspecting demon! Then laying back like nothing happened. (That is a fabulous dress too!!)

I also think that Jessica Stroup would make an excellent Isabelle. She is quite striking, is she not!!! Her eyes are so stunning, they mesmerize me (especially in that middle photo)


Well, there you have it!
Our Hottest Heroine of the day will whip you into place.
She is one hot character to have on your bedside table!

You can find Isabelle Lightwood in.
City of Fallen Angels Book Cover will be revealed in
December 2010.


Jen the Bibliophile

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