Monday, September 6, 2010

Wicked. Sexy. Labor. Day.

Photobucket would like to take a few moments to wish you a Happy Sexy Labor Day! Kick off those heels, take a day off from dishes, grab a scrumptious snack, and snag up a book with a sexy hunk in it!

We would also like to mention that Jen and I have been spending many hours debating and combining ideas for a new header. It is an original header created by the computer whiz, Jen! Yes, she gets all the credit for the new fabulous header (*Jen - Black Disaster Fairy helped too!*). Send us some love and let us know how you are feel'n the header.

Photobucket hopes you enjoy the day no matter what your plans entail!




Jen the Bibliophile


  1. I love it! I think it goes perfect with your blog and is a representation of what you guys are all about.

  2. Fabulous job you two!!! Looks perfect! =)

    Have a beautiful holiday, BF/Jen!!!

  3. Ah thanks guys! Jen will be happy to hear this as well! You would laugh about how many times Jen chnaged the layout. She has graciously enterained all of my ideas and hers!

    Happy Labor Day!

    Black Disaster Fairy


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