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Glass Houses Cover War & Review

US ........................... UK ............................ Germany

Thailand ................................. Brazil

Book: Glass Houses

Author: Rachel Caine
Publisher: October 3rd 2006 by NAL Jam
Pages: 248
Genre: Young Adult, Horror, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

This book was a wonderful opening to a series that has you checking your locks and making sure that you have your bustled derriere in the house before the sun sets. Even under these circumstance, you can still enjoy a scrumptious piece of cheesecake. *Yum* Or a sexy beefcake or two in this most enticing book.

I can just picture Jen tossing me some of those glances that say skip straight to the silky Shane who begs to have some hands laid on him. It was a oh so gratifying night of reading when images of Shane dance through your head.

Oh me oh my, I would like a piece of the Shane pie! Oh yeah...I just said that! I love the fact that Shane is an adult in the book, I believe he is 19... makes me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy inside. *grins maliciously*. Shane is our sexy ball of muscle who can sort out the nasty vampires and keep them away from his lovely woman. I always love a guy with with a snarky attitude and a rock hard bod to boot. *purr's* Come here my strong, sexy man, lets see what is in store in Morganville next!

Onward, to some well prepared details of Glass Houses. Claire is a sixteen year old student who is attending a small college in Morganville, Texas. She is a smart cookie who is clueless about the vampire ran town. You either live under the protection of a vampire or you live in fear.

Claire becomes the new punching bag for the campus self proclaimed Queen. Instead of staying on campus to take in an onslaught of beatings she desperately searches for off campus housing she can afford. Claire decides to check out a particular place that she found in an ad. Standing on the sidewalk, Eve talked or manipulated her into coming inside to meet the others that she lives with.

Michael Glass, owner of the Glass House is a mysterious young man who spends his life during the night hours rocking out and playing video games, meanwhile he sleeps his days away. Men who can play drums or a guitar can make my toes curl. What a talent!?! *Pets Michael* You shall become one of our minions one day! Mwah ha ha! Before Jen comes back, lets get back on track, shall we? I should mention that the house has special gifts, however, I simply cannot tell you more. Ruining a book for another bibliophile is never a good thing.

No, it's not, so we won't tell you what the house can do. You should, of course, read the book to find out! However, we will say this, it's quite interesting. Still though, maybe not as interesting as the odd turn of events that go on with Michael. Something of which we also won't be specific on. Too much goodness there as well. And what about Eve? Oh, she is one of my favorite characters. With her snaz and gothic style, I just love her bitchy illicitly cruel remarks towards the douches around her. That is correct, I said douches.*love that word* *grins* What do you think BDFairy?

I think Eve dug around in my too amazing closet. Yesterday, I was rock'n the tights with skulls and knee high black boots. I love to turn heads!

Now we get to the gruesome dirty job of picking out which book cover art we swoon over. There are 5 amazing options... my heart suffers. How ever will we be able to pick out just one?

Choices, choices. However, I think the Brazil book cover art speaks to me. I love just how completely eerie and Gothic the cover is looking. Also, the girl manages to look hot without seeing her face & I get to keep my own images.

And for me...I'm going to go with the Thailand cover. Normally I prefer covers that do NOT have the full face showing so I can get a better image in my head, but alas, her eyes call to me. It gives it that creepy mysterious feel.

Let us know what you think of the book
& which is your favorite Cover Art!

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