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Peeta (The Delicious Pastry Chef)

Dream of licking cake frosting from a unique place?

Cake Decorator

is the man for you!

Book: Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay
By: Suzanne Collins
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Post- Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Modern Fantasy (Present Day)
Location: District 12, Panem

Lately everyone has been up in arms over the Team Peeta and Team Gale debate. Any and all those who would listen are fully aware that I am Team Peeta. I suppose now that the trilogy is finally at an end, maybe it doesn't matter, however, I disagree. I'm still in love with Peeta and his lovely blond curls. He's a man of different faces, but he knows what he wants in the end - Katniss. He will fight to the death to keep her alive and even in the face of extreme odds, Katniss comes out at the top of his heart (*brainwashing moot* - clue). What could be sexier than that in a fictional boyfriend?!! I seriously get all kinds of yummy images of Peeta when I read these books, some of the best coming from Catching Fire...*purrrrrr*. Black Disaster Fairy, what do you feel on the matter *glances up at BDF whist licking on a chocolate ice cream cone*

I have been reading Hunger Games. Yes, I am about done. Jen you do not need to poke fun at me. I already know that I am missing out on a most interesting concept. It is harsh and brutal when a society pits the younger generation in a game of survival. Jen how do you feel about that monstrous act. It is quite gruesome.

The Hunger Games themselves? Well, I would say total bollocks on the part of the Capitol, but still excellent for the plot itself. I've said it once and I'll say it again *licks cone* nothing is better than the gruesome murdering of minors....I mean, what could be better than an axe in the throat of some fifteen year old?! Okay, so that might be a bit dreary, but it does make for excellent plot content. And what an amazing tale Collins wove for us through 3 fabulous books! One of my favorite scenes is from Catching Fire with Katniss and our dear Peeta by the lake. Those kissing scenes had me all sorts of hot and sweating.

This most compelling book has grabbed the attention of so many readers. The buzz about this Battle Royale has simply had my ears ringing. And oh my, the fabulously strong and modest Peeta had me interested and wondering what twist would develop next. This was definitely a survival story that is worth the time needed to caress the book cover.

It's so true! Although, there is so much from that last book I don't want to divulge just in case someone has not had the pleasure of reading it, but man Peeta really took some crazy ass torture if you know what I'm saying. By the end of the book I had so many feelings raging through me, I really just wanted to hug Peeta and possibly throw him against the wall and have my way with him. Those blond curls would be so fun to run my fingers through. *licks lips*


Photo Picks:

I admit that this has been a most difficult choice. There is no one out there, that I can think of, that really fits to my Peeta needs. So, with that in mind I will be leaving you with a variety of men. A Man Candy Box of 5 0'clock shadow hotness!
Kellen Lutz just has that certain sculpted body that
I can see Peeta having. *Drool*
Justin Chambers (Alex from Grey's Anatomy)
You can ruffle my panties anytime!
*Pulls out several several silk scarves and evil grin*
Paul Walker. Now there is a man I can eat!
Pass me that Man Candy box of Chocolate!

Jen the Bibliophile
Photo Picks:

For me, it wasn't difficult to see the picture of Peeta in my head, however, finding the face to go with the hair was near impossible, so I mostly looked for the face.
The first three are the same guy (Chase Crawford), just picture him with sexy blond curls instead of the sexy brown strait...
Grrrrrr - Okay, he is quite sexy. He can be my chocolate cone anytime!

(Now for this one, not the face, but the hair. This is how I see Peeta's hair, except maybe a tad blonder)...not the face mind you, THE HAIR!

Peeta with all of his manly strength can be found either hanging out with the rest of
our harem or between these lovely simple covers.

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  1. Hehehehehe that was really funny, I do have to say that I am team..errr Switzerlans. I just can't help it. When I move to team Peeta I think "OH! But Gale! He has always been there! And his family and his muscles and..." wel I could definetly say that I could have my way with him if you know what I mean. LOL!
    But once Im on team Gale I thin. "But...but...PEETA!
    And nothing else needs to be said. I wasn't happy with the way things turned out to be though. :S

    - The moody teenager
    Oh and thanks for stoppin by!

  2. @Moody Teen - I most definitely could have done with a more descriptive ending. I felt like there was this huge build up and not enough of closure...even after the epilogue. I of course am happy with the end pick, but just not the ending desperation of it all.


  3. Mmm.I am Team P too, I like your imaging of the sexy pastry chef.

    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  4. Thanks, It took us awhile to come up with the perfect images for this post.

    Whew! *Wipes off back of forehead*

    Black Disaster Fairy


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