Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jacob Black (OMG, Abs!)



Taylor Lautner

Book: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn
By: Stephenie Meyer
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Modern Fantasy (Present Day)
Location: Forks, Washington

BDF: The Twilight series has been a vampire hit from book 1. Yes, Edward is impressively hot. I do think in my minds eye that Edward is a tad hotter then Rob
ert Pattinson. Spray painted abs are quit the turn off. What do you think Jen?

Jen: Oh yes!! I don't even think that Rob Pattinson is hot. They really should have picked someone else. In the book, he sounds like someone I'd like to devour, but in the movie... not so much.

BDF: *Temporarily goes into (my) Edward coma* *Jen pokes Disaster Fairy with her parasol* Ouch! Yes, Yes! Back to the point on hand. ABS! However, one thing that Edward never had was these abs that just made your lips twitch with an ache to lick them. Jacob with his well chiseled chest, & abs begs for every inch to be licked. *fans self* Tan buff abs... Oh, be still my bea
ting heart!
(I should mention that I am very bias when it comes to Jacob.
My Native American blood had me for team Jacob from first mention.
The abs tipped it for me.)

BDF: This round we decided that we did not have to pick a person to represent Jacob our fictional boyfriend with the washboard abs. *Grrrr* Honestly, Taylor Lautner is scrumptious all on his own. We applaud the person who cast him to play Jacob. Really, who could play that role better? *Thinks* No one that I can think of. *Jen sets her tea down*

Jen: I'd say no. I've thought and thought and even googled, and I just can't think of anyone else. He really is everything I pictured for Jacob. Well, except for technically he is supposed to be like 6'7" and quite large, but my imagination can do all sorts of things there. But really, that body of Lautner's really makes me weak in the knees and sweaty all over. I would have loved nothing more than to jump up and lick the screen whilst I was watching Eclipse! *takes deep calming breaths*. It took everything in me not to. *picks back up tea*

BDF: I admit I went to go see that movie more then once just so I could see him on the jumbo screen! *Loving Sigh*

When Jacob is not busy being luscious in his human form he is strolling through the woods as a massive huge reddish brown wolf. Technically, he is
an extremely buff shape shifter. I'll just take a bite out of you if you don't mind! We all know how Jen loves her men to have a bit of animal in them.

Jen: OH YEAH!! It's that animal magnetism that really gets me! Plus, they say that those were's are all sorts of well proportioned and animalistic where it counts! Uhhh, did I just say that? *clears throat* YES! I did!! :D

: Don't worry Jen. Rough can be fun! *Snarky Grin*
Hot. Sexy. Wolf.

Enough mouthwatering talk of abs. We want
More pictures of those sun kissed abs!
Jen and I are more then welcome to help out with that!


Photo Picks:

He awaits for my return! *Trained him REAL good!*
Looking fab even with clothes! *Licks Lips*

Jen the Bibliophile
Photo Picks:

(There is just something about him covered in rain...*licks lips*)
(He really does have fabulous hair! I would love to run my fingers through it. That and all over that rock hard slab of body!)

I'm off to spend more time with our new exquisite boyfriend. Happy Sexy Reading to Everyone! All the Jacob action you can ask for is located within these four fun reads.


Jen the Bibliophile


  1. Good lord, ladies! You're gonna send me to the hospital! :D :D :D

  2. I finally breathed by the end. Geez, all those abs and deliciousness. That is someone I'd like to lick all over! And then some!

  3. INR!!! Man he is hot! Normally I prefer them older than me, but for him, I'd def rock the cradle!!!


  4. I most wholeheartily agree with ya both...JB definitely turn alot of older women into cougars with that bod!!! *lmao* Nibbling is as much fun as the licking!

    Awesome pics, ladies!!! ;)


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