Monday, August 16, 2010

Wicked. Sexy. Books. Welcomes. You.

Life is hard!
Sexy books make my day more often then not!

We are two young hot book divas who spend the day entertaining children, keeping up the house, and dishes by hand.
I know. We must be the last two ladies in the US who have to scrub!

At night we like to curl up in a comfy spot and scroll our eyes over beautiful words. We devour books and Fictional Boyfriends!

We enjoy books that have men who make your legs tremble.
Men that make you wipe the drool off.
Scrumptious Sex on a Stick Men!
Can I have 10 on a Silver platter!?!

Or as Jen says.
"Anyone up for a sex on a stick popsicle? There is lots of licking involved *wink*"

Then you know you have a delicious book!

We would love to share our escapism with you.

This blog is about yummy books that we read and review.
Of course, we might rave about men... I mean books we cannot wait to get our hands on.
Every once in awhile we will dip into YA.
Rest assured this blog will be mostly adult!
Plus all of our reviews are honest to goodness down and dirty.
We deliver with out getting any benefits.
Besides for a few unclean thoughts.

We would be more then thrilled to have you join us along the way.
There is plenty of room in this harem for everyone!

Black Disaster Fairy & Jen the Bibliophile


  1. Dear Ms BDF,
    I'm toasting the kick off of your new Blog. I seen you today on Cheryl Brooks Blog. You have chosen Two Hot Boy friends. Add Johnny Depp and Mr. Bejamin Godfre and you'd have Eye Candy for all ages. We over at CBEB know hot men. And good Paranormal Stories. So I'll Howl and Bite into a sexy Guy just for you ladies today. Congrats

  2. Don't forget to spread some chocolate over your sexy boy toy!

    Enjoy! & Thanks for the Toast!

  3. I found you on book blogger hop and I've only looked at it for about two minutes now, and I already like it.


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