Friday, October 15, 2010

Hopping & Following & Tagging & Stalking

Welcomes you!
Here we fell that Reading is Sexy!
(Jen gets all flushed sitting in her clients office reading the Demonica series!)
Grab a book and join in the fun! 
We love to discuss!
*Licks Lips*
About Sexy Men, Strong Heroines, and Twisted Plot Lines!

Book Blogger Hop
"When you read a book that you just can't get into, do you stick it out and keep reading or move to your next title?"

Sorry, but life is short and there are a million books on my TBR list!  There are too many sexy books out there with hot man flesh in them for me to keep reading a book that does not hit my buttons.  *Prrs* 

What is your reading suggestion this week?

Hmm... That is a hard one.  Right now I am reading I Kissed A Zombie, and I Like It by Adam Selzer getting myself into Halloween mode.  It is very cute, YA will do that.  Plus there is a nice spin on the Zombie aspect.  

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  1. Dropping by from the Book Blogger Hop. TOTALLY a new follower! Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Dropping by for the 18 + blog hop. I'm a new follower. Have a terrific weekend.

  3. New follower from 18+ blog hop

  4. I agree that there is so much out there to read, sometimes if I think about it too much I get overwhelmed!!! Thats why I just stick to one genre: Romance, and thats a big group all by itself haha

    Hope you are having a great weekend!!!

    Feel free to come on over to my place at Addicted To Romance

  5. Happy Friday!
    I'm visiting you for the 18 & Over Tag Along. I always enjoy your blog.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    I'm a old follower!

  6. Hi, I found you on the over 18 tag along, I'm glad I did! I'm a new follower. Have a great weekend :)

    Magic Faerie's Paranormal Review

  7. Thanks for joning in the tag along. Hope to see you again.

    Have a good weekend!

  8. Just hoppin' on by to say "Hi!"
    Love the name!
    Happy reading this weekend!
    New follower too!

  9. Happy Follow Friday!!! Hope you will stop by my blog too! My publisher and I are looking for a group of bloggers for a huge blog tour next year before the release of book two in my 'A Sense of Truth' series! We will be giving out a few more copies of The Thirteenth Chime (we can only give out so many, being open to e-books gives an upper hand) and are still open to all interviews and guest posts. We want to fill up the Amazon page with reviews and try to reach as many people as we can!!! Hope you might consider being a part of the team! Thank you either way!

    Emma Michaels

  10. New follower here, and I have to say, the title of the book you're currently reading just cracks me up XD

    I agree... life is too short. If I am really hating the writing style or the characters, I do put the book down forever!

    Stop by and check out my Blog Hop and Follow Friday HERE!

  11. Happy HOP! I agree. I don't see the point of forcing yoursellf to read something you obviously don't like. Hope you're having a fun weekend :)

    Come HOP by and visit

  12. Stopping by for the Tag Along, I'm an old follower. Hope you're having a great weekend :)

    Touch the Night

  13. I'm already a follower but I felt compelled to stop by and wish you a pleasant weekend :)

    Mad Scientist

  14. Hi,
    I hope your having a wonderful Friday. :)
    I'm making my rounds for the 18 & Over Tag Along and I wanted to stop by your blog. Have a great weekend!!

    I'm an old follower.


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