Monday, October 4, 2010

Sexy. Writing. Feature. #2

Has come up with a writing feature to get all of those creative itches scratched.

The idea was developed as my creative writing professor was telling me that I need to open up my writing skills. Personally, as Black Disaster Fairy or otherwise I do not consider myself a writer. She feels I have hidden talent.

The idea is to take a photo, a few select words, theme, question, or particular place and develop a story around the selected medium.

Rules. There even has to be rules in the bedroom.

1.) Post the link for your story by Friday
2.) Limit yourself. Arounds 450 words.
3.) You have to have your story include the below medium of choice.
4.) This is a Adult Blog so no need to write censored work.
5.) It must be an original piece of work.
6.) Have some wicked fun with your words!!

Story  #2

Drool now or later but I expect one heck of a racy story for this chiseled back of perfection!!

Photo selected by:

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